International Affairs

EIROforum Working Group International Affairs

The main tasks of the group are:

  • To provide early information about EC science policy initiatives
  • To provide assessments and advice for the EIROforum Council on these matters

  • To facilitate practical interaction between the EIROforum and the Commission, the European Parliament and its Committees, as well as other EU bodies of importance to EIROforum: preparation of written communication, personal interaction with EC officials, organisation of policy events, e.g. for the European Parliament.
  • To oversee the joint actions between EIROforum and the EC
  • To support communication and decision making processes within EIROforum by passing all relevant information to the Chair of the Coordination group for distribution to the other Working Groups and/or the EIROforum Council.

The group will facilitate exchange of information amongst the European Affairs representatives of the member organisations and promote the views of the EIROforum organisations, as defined by the EIROforum Assembly.